Record company changes

Registration of changes in Shahriar, Mallard and Andisheh companies

Once registered, a company can make changes to the articles of association or anything related to the company. Changes and decisions of companies means all changes and decisions of the company that are made during the ordinary general assembly or extraordinary general assembly or in the meetings of the board of directors as necessary. If you want to register company changes in Shahriar, contact our experts. If you are in the cities of Mallard and Andisheh, you can use the registration services of the company in Mallard and Andisheh, the Ministerial Registration and Legal Institute.

Types of changes in a company

  • Change the main location of the company.
  • Increase or decrease capital.
  • Increase or decrease the number of board members.
  • Establishment or liquidation of companies or branches.
  • Change or incorporation of the subject of the company.
  • Approval of the company’s profit and loss account balance sheet.
  • Change of company articles of association and laws.
  • Company transfer.

Necessary documents to register company changes

  • Copy of the original identification documents of all new partners.
  • Original identification documents of people leaving and the presence of outgoing persons in the offices of the Companies Registration Office for signing.
  • List of partners by the amount of their shares.
  • Copy of the latest changes of the company and the board of directors.
  • Copy of company articles of association.
  • Presence of all partners and managers in case of liquidation of the company

In what other areas do ministers register company changes?

In addition to the areas mentioned above, the Institute of Ministers in the cities of Robat Karim, Parand, Parandak, Islamshahr, Chahardangeh, Golgun, Adran, Ferdis, Haft Joi, Sabshahr, Golestan, Baghistan, Khademabad, Qala Mir, Simin Dasht, Fatah , Tehransar, special road, Wardavard also offers company change registration services to you dear ones.

How long does it take to register company changes?

The time for registering changes in normal mode and normal process lasts for 10 working days, the cost of registering changes varies depending on the number of meeting minutes for different companies and varies depending on the type of changes it wants to apply and depending on the type of company. Is. It also depends on the content and items published in the official newspaper.