Company ranking

Company ranking in Shahriar

Ranking is a type of qualification criterion based on defined standards. In other words, the ranking of contracting companies is a review of the company’s ability (based on individuals and their records, work experience and financial capacity), which is approved by the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Supervision of the Presidential Institution. , will be done.

Company ranking in Mallard, Andisheh and Safadasht

The Institute of Ministers specializes in ranking companies in Mallard, Andisheh and Safadasht. Other areas covered by the Institute of Ministers include the cities of Robat Karim, Parand, Parandak, Islamshahr, Chahardangeh, Golgun, Adran, Ferdis, Haft Joi, Saba Shahr, Golestan, Baghistan, Khademabad, Qala Mir, Simin Dasht , Fatah, Tehransar, special road, Wardavard mentioned.

How is the company ranked and obtained a grade?

In general, ranking a company and obtaining a scale to determine the eligibility of companies to carry out projects and tenders based on the work experience of members and the technical ability of members of the company, which is done and given by the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Supervision Be.

Having a rank is mandatory for individuals and legal entities and makes them known among competitors and increases their credibility. According to the governor’s technical and civil organization, companies are divided into contracting and consulting companies.

What are the requirements for obtaining a rating?

For this purpose, the company must first be registered by the company registration organization and then, in accordance with the criteria, obtain the necessary conditions to determine the qualification in the ranking. The company should not have any bad background and its managers should not have government jobs. Also, the board of directors and the managing director of this company must have relevant work experience, and finally, the degree of the staff and the board of directors must be calculated. If the score reaches the quorum, a rank certificate will be issued to the company.