Obtaining a business card

Obtaining a business card in Shahriar

According to the customs laws of the country, a business card is a license that the holder can have with it, to trade in the field of import and export of goods. In Iran, only merchants can operate in import and export who have a business card. If you want to get a business card in Shahriar, you can contact the experts of the Ministers’ Registration and Legal Institute. It should be noted that this card is issued by the branches of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines in Tehran or other cities in the name of eligible applicants.

Obtaining a business card in Mallard and Andisheh

The issuance of a business card is subject to the fact that the merchant has basically registered his institution in the commercial registry office and has sealed commercial offices and has also accepted the membership of the local chamber of commerce.

In the case of commercial companies, a business card is issued in the name of the responsible manager of the company. If you have a hundred business cards in Mallard and Andisheh, you can contact us.

Conditions for receiving a business card for individuals

– Age over 23 years and minimum diploma

– Those born in 1337 and before with postgraduate degrees and below, by providing a copy of the degree do not need an end-of-service card.

– Those born in 1328 and before do not need a service termination card by presenting a copy of their doctoral degree.

– Two sheets of the original registration form in the commercial offices (signed by the business card applicant) which has been certified by the Companies Registration Office

– Original and copy of the office seal certificate from the Companies Registration Office

– Original and copy of the certificate of no criminal record, the issuance of which has not been more than 6 months. (You can get this certificate through the Electronic Law Enforcement Offices)

Original and copy of Mafasa tax account subject to Article 186 of the Law on Direct Taxes stating that the issuance of a business card is unrestricted

– The original national card of the CEO to be equal to the original and 2 series of copies on the back

– Three six-in-four color photos this year

– The original end of service card or permanent exemption for men to be equal to the original and two series of back and front copy

In what other areas does the Institute of Ministers provide business card services?

In addition to the mentioned areas, the Institute of Registration and Rights of Ministers in the cities of Safadasht, Robat Karim, Parand, Parandak, Islamshahr, Chahardangeh, Golgoon, Adran, Ferdis, Haft Joi, Sabshahr, Golestan, Baghestan, Khademabad, Qalamir, Simin Dasht, Fatah, Tehransar, Special Road, Wardavard also offers business card obtaining services to you dear ones.