Brand registration

Brand registration in Shahriar

After registering a company, depending on your type of activity, you will most likely need to register the brand and trademark of the business or services you offer. You can use the brand registration services in Shahriar, the Ministerial Registration and Legal Institute. Our experts are ready to answer you dear ones.

A brand in English with the legal title of a trademark is a design, symbol, phrase, name and که that provides services by selling a specific product that distinguishes it from other similar products. A trademark or brand is what the audience associates its attributes and features with seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. mentally, visually or audibly in their mind and heart.

Register the brand in Mallard and Andisheh

Dear ones, you can also use the brand registration services in Mallard and Andisheh of our institute. Our experts will expertly guide you in this area. Protects.

The duration of this protection varies, but the trademark can be extended indefinitely by paying the relevant amount. Trademark protection is approved by legal authorities, which in most systems are allowed to stop infringement in this area.

Brand registration in Safadasht and the city of Quds and Robat Karim

If you want to register a brand in one of the cities of Safadasht, Ghods and Robat Karim, you can leave the registration matters to the experts of the Institute of Ministers.

Ministers with years of experience in the field of registration are ready to provide professional services to you dear ones.

In what other areas does the Ministerial Institute provide brand registration services?

Ministerial Institute in the field of brand registration, in addition to activities in the cities mentioned in cities such as Robat Karim, Parand, Parandak, Islamshahr, Chahardangeh, Golgoon, Adran, Ferdis, Haft Joi, Sabshahr, Golestan, Baghistan, Khademabad, Qalamir, Simin Dasht, Fatah, Tehransar, Special Road, Wardavard also offers brand registration services to you dear ones.

What is the difference between a brand and a trademark?

A trademark is a mark with a specific color, shape, letter, slogan, song, and image. You should always keep in mind that the brand or brand should always be in line with the trademark of the same product. The person who registers the brand is confident that another person can not use that name and logo. A trademark is an image that a company or organization presents of itself or its product as it is, but the brand is considered the trademark of the product. Among the factors that are effective in fully recognizing a brand are packaging, type of product presentation, product audience, its quality, advertising, experiences and..